the greatest show alive...

Charles Chipperfield Circus, 7th generation of the original Chipperfield Circus family

Dont miss this Greatest show alive! Our 2018 award winning production is full of fun laughter and excitement; from the flying trapeze, wheel of death, International clowns, Roller Skating, Arial Silks, free standing ladder and lots lots more - a show not to be missed!

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Call our information line on 07500 365 231.Ticket office open on site from 9am to 9pm daily. Buy your tickets online @ TICKETSOURCE
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Flying Trapeze

Direct from Hungary , β€œWeiss Junior” our circus high flyers
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Free standing Ladder

Direct from Italy, the glamorous and talented…Katia!!!
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Arial Princess

On the Arial Silks, the lovley Jane
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Roller Skating Stars

All the way from Itay, our Roller Skating Stars, Armando and Jane
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Circus Clowns

We would like to introduce our new award winning musical clowns, The Marianis!!!
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Wheel Of Death

On the Wheel Of Death from the Hungarian State Circus, Dani!!!
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Fun and Laughter at the Circus

Fun and laughter at the Circus

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